You know how they say "one day you'll laugh about this"? Well, today is that day for the couple behind A Spoonful of Paolo. See how they got through a less-than-perfect proposal with the help of a few decoys—including an issue of Oprah's magazine and the then-new Britney Spears album.
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Paolo Presta is used to dreaming big. In fact, it's part of the tagline of his online talk show, A Spoonful of Paolo, where he interviews celebrities of all kinds. So when he decided to propose to his partner (and the show's executive producer), Patrick Thomassie, Presta lived by his words, dreaming up a big proposal but forgetting two tiny (and shiny!) details.

The newlyweds teamed up with BuzzFeedYellow to tell their engagement story, which didn't go exactly as planned but fittingly involved Oprah Winfrey, who discovered Presta and made his dream of entering the entertainment industry a reality.

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After surprising Thomassie with a trip to San Francisco, the Los Angeles couple hopped on the train, with the rings hidden in Presta's backpack. But in their excitement about the trip-and about being the only ones on the train-Presta removed the bag to dance and play around making videos with Thomassie. When they reached their destination, a giddy Presta thought, "This is so cool, we're in San Francisco, I'm so happy-what could go wrong?" Then it hit him. He had left his bookbag on the train!

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While Presta panicked, Thomassie comforted him, unaware why he was so upset. After all, it only held an issue of O Magazine and a watch-or at least that's what Presta told him. "We'll get you a new Oprah magazine, it's okay," Thomassie told him.

When they found out the bag was with airport police, Presta gave them the same story. The police were skeptical, so Presta convinced a friend to call and distract Thomassie-with an impromptu chat about the new Britney Spears album!-so he could tell the truth.

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Happily, Presta got it sorted out and was able to pull off the proposal at dinner without a(nother) hitch: The waitress brought them their dessert plates, each containing not sweets but the missing rings, and Presta expressed his love and that "when we can, in the state of California, I want [you] to be my husband." After discussing their hopes and fears, Thomassie said yes, and after a lengthy engagement, they wed this past June.

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