Read this before getting on that plane.

By Lauren Wellbank
September 17, 2019
engagement ring

Taralynn Lutz, an accredited jewelry professional with certificates from the Gemological Institute of America, says she keeps her jewelry at home while she travels. This is why she thinks you should, too—especially when you're thinking about traveling with your engagement ring.

You'll Need to Leave Your Ring Behind Most of the Time

"If you're like me, you crave action," she says. However, your ring does not. It's not a good idea to wear it while swimming, zip lining, hiking, bungee jumping, or even while relaxing on the beach. And while many activities pose a danger of loss or damage, even those centered around relaxation can be problematic—chemicals used in swimming pools or ingredients used at the spa could be harmful to your precious stone. Additionally, all that gorgeous white sand on the beach can take a toll on your ring. "Sand can get lodged between your stone and metal." According to Lutz, this can weaken the prongs; sand could also get trapped inside of the setting, which can requiring a professional cleaning.

If you are traveling somewhere tropic, you may be applying a significant amount of bug spray, lotion, or sunscreen—all of which pose their own threats to the metals and stones in your ring. "Various chemicals found in sunscreens will also accelerate tarnishing and corrosion," she says. Sterling silver is especially susceptible to damage and can even be affected by sweating.

Keeping Your Ring Safe While You Travel

Lutz says if you forget to leave your ring behind, do not try to keep it safe by storing it in a plastic baggy. Not only is single-use plastic harmful to the environment, but it can oxidize the metals in your ring. Instead, she recommends investing in a travel case with compartments and keeping your ring in a pouch that has a snap closure.

Insure Your Ring Before You Go

You should considering insuring your ring before you travel. Insurance Agent Elle Bunn Lappan of the Bunn Insurance Agency says you can talk to your personal insurance agent and have them write you an Inland Marine Policy, which can protect your jewelry no matter where you are in the world. Just beware of policy exclusions that may void your ring's coverage while you are away from home. Additionally, Lappan says to remember that even with the best insurance policy, it is still up to you to protect your ring from loss and significant damages, like the ones that could occur from improper care.


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