12 Non-Cheesy Ways to Throw a Halloween-Themed Bachelorette Party


Because ghouls just want to have fun.

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Lucas Allen

If you're planning a bachelorette party for a bride obsessed with all-things October 31, why not throw the ultimate ghoul's night out for her? Here, 12 ideas for throwing a Halloween-themed bachelorette party that's so much fun you'll want to take the memories to the grave with you.

Lure guests from their homes with creepy messages in apothecary-style bottles.

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Amp up the Creep Factor


These five-fingered candleholders and tabletop ornaments will set the scene for a glamorously macabre night—plus they're super easy to DIY. These are made of plaster and get their ghastly gray shade from a brush with black gouache.

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Dress Up Pumpkins


If you prefer something a little more magical than morbid, these glittered pumpkins will bring a hint of sparkle to the party.

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Add Something (Kind of) Creepy


These glasses and appetizer plates will give guests the distinct feeling that they are not alone.

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Dress Up


What's a Halloween party without costumes? You don't have to spend a lot (or plan ahead) for this costume: everything you need to pull off this dramatic face is already in your makeup bag. If you and your ladies would prefer something a little sweeter, you could also dress up as Day of the Dead sugar skulls. Or you could use this girls-only party as an excuse for an epic group costume. Get inspired by one of the bride's favorite childhood movies. Some of our favorite ideas? Dressing up as the Rockford Peaches from A League of Their Own

, troop 332 from

Troop Beverly Hills

à la Kim Kardashian's baby-shower theme, or the croquet mallet-wielding mean girls from



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Serve Up a Little Black Magic


These cocktails are made with vodka that's as dark as night.

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Take a Shot of "Blood"


Round out the bar with shots of this blood-orange concoction (it's just what the doctor ordered!). Our printable clip-art stickers seal the stoppers and include vital information.

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Swap Out Wine Labels


Serve your guests eerie elixirs by placing these lethal libation labels onto wine bottles. Bottoms up, dearies!

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Go Crazy With Candy


Even though you don't go trick-or-treating anymore, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy Halloween candy! Use chocolate candies to create these crumbly shortbread bars.

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Serve Sinful Snacks

Courtesy of Claire Thomas

Add bacon-wrapped Devils on Horseback to your snack spread.

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Carve Pumpkins Together

Anna Williams

If you're looking for a low-key alternative to hitting up a major Halloween bash, carving pumpkins is still as much fun as it was when you were kids.

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Bust Into a Candy Corn Piñata

Mike Krautter Photography

Who doesn't love a piñata? It's easy to make a Halloween-ready version with our fringe cutter from Martha Stewart Crafts.

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