Bold brides, embrace the hair color trend on the big day.
model millennial pink hair

And the bride wore…millennial-pink hair? A hint of tint is the latest way to express your individuality on your big day. We're not talking about going full unicorn, but consider strawberry streaks, a shimmery copper cast, or a soft violet wash to dress up those tresses. It's a fun way to further personalize your big-day look.

The best part? The shade can easily be customized to enhance your current (or natural!) shade. "Pastel colors will show up differently on each hair color. The lighter the hair, the more the tone will pop," says Clairol national color director James Corbett.

Brunettes, on the other hand, will find saturated jewel tones to be bright enough to make their mark. For bleached or blonde strands, an allover rose gold is this summer's hottest hue. No matter which color you're interested in adding to your hair, you should play with (and perfect) the look a few months out from your wedding day. That will give you time to find the color you love, or revert back to your natural hue should you find you're unhappy with the finished product.

If you're starting early, you'll need to add hair maintenance to your beauty routine. Keeping your pink locks looking vibrant (the look won't feel polished if the color is faded!) comes down to diligent care. Semi-permanent formulas, like Aveda Hair Color Shine Service, linger for up to 24 shampoos-through the honeymoon and beyond. Looking to embrace the shade for just one night? Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint and Clairol Color Crave Hair Make-Up wash out in one to three shampoos. So you can wow 'em at your rehearsal dinner, then revert to your natural cast for the walk down the aisle.


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