They attended the celebration via FaceTime.
kate upton and justin verlander
Credit: Kate Upton via Instagram

The first week of this month was a crazy one for Kate Upton and Justin Verlander. Within the span of days, Verlander's team won the World Series (for the first time ever!) and the couple tied the knot. Many were left wondering how the pair juggled the back-to-back events, not to mention why they scheduled their nuptials so close to the end of baseball season. To gain some insight, Jimmy Fallon just interviewed the newlyweds on The Tonight Show.

Earlier this year, Verlander was traded by the Detroit Tigers to the Houston Astros. "We planned the wedding before, obviously, he was traded," Upton shared. Little did they know, the athlete's new team would be headed to the baseball championship. Even still, only one circumstance would really mess with their nuptials.

"When we're planning this thing, we're talking like, 'You know, best case scenario, we go to the World Series,'" Verlander added. "'There's really, literally, only one thing that could throw a huge wrench in all of our plans. It's not the World Series, it's going to game seven of the World Series.'" Lo and behold, that's exactly what happened.

Luckily, the surprise outcome didn't totally change their schedule. They did miss a pre-wedding celebration, however. "Everybody's in Italy. Everybody's at the venue. We had an event that night, and everyone's texting us like, 'Your wedding's so pretty, wish you were here,'" Upton recalled. "We got taken around our wedding via FaceTime," Verlander shared, laughing. In the end, though, it all worked out-Houston won the game of a lifetime, and the couple still got married on schedule.


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