The actor revealed that few of the couple's friends or family (himself included!) were informed.

justin bieber and hailey baldwin walking together
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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin shocked everyone when they tied the knot in a civil ceremony last Thursday-including their closest family members. According to Us Weekly, the bride's uncle, Alec Baldwin, was just as surprised as we were. "They went off and got married, and I don't know what the deal is," he said, confirming the couple's secret New York City nuptials.

A People source alleged that Justin and Hailey decided to make the appointment at the courthouse just last week and only told a few relatives beforehand, stating that "they went ahead and did it without listening to anyone." As for the why reason the couple-who became engaged in July-made such a swift move? "It was easier for them to get the legal stuff out of the way now and to get married. It was more of a necessary ceremony to make it legal. It doesn't seem like it was a big deal to them," said another People insider.

The source then went on to clarify that Justin and Hailey are currently planning a more formalized, religious wedding-and that they equate this upcoming ceremony (not their civil one!) with true matrimony. At the pair's larger celebration, they'll exchange wedding bands and celebrate with their loved ones. Early reports have suggested that the fête might take place in Justin's native Canada.

But as of now, the couple really did sign a legally-binding marriage document (sans a prenuptial agreement!) that has officially changed their relationship status. Though they don't consider themselves fully married yet, it's clear that this will soon change. The model told The Cut that she and Bieber will tie the knot as soon as next year.


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