Beautiful, antique postage can become expensive.
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The look of a finished calligraphed envelope with a collection of vintage stamps affixed is always beautiful. The coordinated colors and miniature splashes of art those stamps provide give the envelope recipients that feeling that something special must be within. In today's wedding industry, there are companies, like Magnolia Postage, that even specialize in sourcing and providing vintage stamps for invitations. Given that such a service is an added expense, here are some things to consider when deciding whether the extra cost is worth it for you.

How many stamps will you need?

The cost to send wedding invitations varies greatly depending on the type of paper you choose, how many inserts you include, and whether there are wax seals involved. Think of it this way: Anything that adds weight to your invitations will drive up the mailing costs. Depending on the weight of your invitations and the age of the stamps selected, the quantity of stamps necessary can vary greatly.

Remember that vintage stamps are collector's items.

While a vintage stamp may have a mail value of only .3 cents, you could pay a dollar or more per stamp, depending on the value set by collectors and your purchasing source. It's easy to see how these costs can add up quickly.

Keep your priorities in mind.

Whether or not vintage stamps are worth the extra cost really depends on your priorities. If the paper materials for your wedding are at the tip-top of your list of most important things about your wedding, you might decide that the price isn't worth it. If not, you might consider one of the alternatives listed below.

Mix old and new to save costs.

Many vintage stamps are of a lesser value than today's stamps, so you'll need a larger collection of them to add up to the total cost of your mail. Instead of sourcing a ton of smaller value stamps, you might decide it makes more sense to mix just one or two vintage options with higher value modern stamps. This is an effective way to achieve a similar, collected look without going over budget.

Don't forget about custom stamps.

Online companies like Minted and Zazzle offer the option to create your own stamps in set values. This means you can bring in your wedding branding and colors and create something that's unique to your specific invitations. This option is an affordable alternative to vintage collector stamps, though a very different look as well.


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