She's rocking some wedding-white, natch.
Rachel Lindsey
Credit: Rachel Lindsay via Instagram

If your next Bachelor Nation fix already feels long overdue, we recommend watching the latest The Bachelorette promo video on repeat. The commercial aired during Monday's episode of Dancing with the Stars (starring Nick Viall of the latest The Bachelor) and has since been uploaded to social media by fans.

The clip features mostly-old footage of America's sweetheart Rachel Lindsey alongside a voiceover stating "you asked, and you got it." Fifth Harmony's "That's My Girl" plays in the background, because duh, that's our girl, and any man would be lucky to have her. Lindsey's role on The Bachelorette is unprecedented, which explains some of the hype (it took this long to star a black woman?) around the upcoming season.

The promo also shows Lindsey wearing some appropriate wedding-white, including a crisp, sleeveless blazer that seemingly suits her style. "I prefer not to wear a dress and wear a tuxedo," she's quoted as saying, leaving us to daydream about the possibility of her rocking an unconventional wedding dress.

The lawyer told People back in February that she's "ready to get married," and eager to find a man who shares her desire for a family. "I want a guy who is not afraid of that. I've come across that in my past," she shared. The star also recently received advice from her predecessor JoJo Fletcher, who warned Lindsey to "stay that smart, confident woman that you are." "Don't make these men make you feel any different," Fletcher added. Amen to that.


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