35 Signature Drinks That Will Personalize Your Cocktail Hour

signature cocktails named after dogs
Photo: Anya Kernes

Cocktail hour is often the time for partygoers to mingle while the happy couple shares a few minutes of just-married bliss over a private walk or portrait session. If you're following this formula, know that there are plenty of ways to personalize this interlude—even in your absence. One of our favorites? Offer loved ones a signature drink inspired by everything from your cocktail preferences to your relationship timeline.

These custom drinks are creative and delicious ways to tell your guests a little something about who you are as a couple. Looking for a place to start? Think of some of the best cocktails that you have shared with your fiancé as a jumping-off point. Or, make like many of these couples and serve multiple options. Adding a mocktail to your signature drink roster is also always a good idea, especially if you plan on having little ones on your guest list.

Ready to discover more crowd-pleasing drinks served at real celebrations? We've provided plenty of inspiration in this collection of incredible signature cocktails.

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Be Positive

pastel pink wedding cocktail
Jenny Quicksall

Show gratitude to your guests during cocktail hour by taking notes from this signature beverage. With the assistance of the couple's planner, Natalie Good, the drink was cleverly titled "Bee Positive," and each cocktail was served with a wooden honeycomb stirrer that featured positive affirmations written by the bride herself.

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Peach Smash

guest drinking green cocktail during wedding reception
Glorious Moments Photography

If you've landed on a specific color palette for your wedding, it's a fun idea to choose a signature drink that matches. At this whimsical garden-inspired event, which boasted a peach, coral, and sage green color scheme, it was only fitting that the official beverage was a light green bourbon peach smash.

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Drink Up

elegant wedding feature cocktails and sign
Janine Licare Photography

Provide an option for every type of wedding attendee, like this couple did. They served three signature cocktails: whiskey sours, basil gimlets, and hibiscus margaritas.

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Classy Sips

specialty cocktail with sugar rim
Valorie Darling

Don't forget to give your signature cocktail a cute name. One of this couple's two official drinks, a spicy margarita, was cleverly coined the "Blushing Spicy Margarita"—a nod to the bride, the drink's flavor, and its stunning purple color.

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Twin Garnishes

specialty bride and groom cocktails
Rebecca Yale

Find unity even when you're serving two separate cocktails. At this wedding, the bride's drink was an Aperol spritz, while the groom opted for a Manhattan. The common thread between the two? Matching orange peel garnishes.

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Go-to Favorites

wedding cocktails on table with sign
Jenny Quicksall

Don't feel like your official wedding beverage has to be something brand-new and totally innovative. Sometimes the best option is your bar go-to. For him, it was an old fashioned; for her, a classic margarita.

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Custom fox drink stirrers topped cocktail glasses on silver serving tray
Abby Jiu Photography

Personalize your drinks even further by getting created with your stirrers, like Lauryn Prattes Styling and Events did for this event. During the wedding's cocktail hour, signature drinks were adored with fox drink stirrers, a nod to the couple's venue, Foxfire, a private estate in Monkton.

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Sweet Sips

couple holding pink wedding signature cocktails
Tailor James Photography

Are you a dessert lover? Don't be afraid to incorporate your sweet tooth into your cocktail offerings. Follow in the footsteps of this couple, who worked with Dolce Bacio to have a gelato bike at their wedding. The duo took it a step further by serving sparkling rosé in a coupe glass with a strawberry popsicle dipped inside. The drink was thoughtfully named "La Vie en Rosé."

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Rosemary Garnish

pale pink wedding cocktails with rosemary sprig
Judy Pak

Don't let your garnish just sit there for aesthetic reasons; choose something that imparts its own flavor, like the rosemary served with this vodka and grapefruit cocktail. The couple behind the creation worked with their venue and caterer, Inn at Graybarns, to create a variety of carefully curated cocktails, including margaritas made with spicy pepper syrup, an old fashioned with coffee gomme, and Camillo martinis with cocchi Americano.

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Best of Both Worlds

Cocktails with Drink Stirrers and Flowers
Abby Jiu Photography

If you know you want drink stirrers, but you can't decide what to put on them, why not opt for multiple designs, like this couple did? The newlywed's cocktails ("Hers," a classic daiquiri, served with fresh, edible flowers; "His" a mojito with plenty of fresh mint) had two different stirrers, one with their initials and the other with an illustration of their dog's face.

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A Bit of Spice

wedding cocktail with orange slice
Anée Atelier

Are you known for your love of spicy foods? Bring a bit of that flare into your cocktail hour, like this pair did. They served one signature drink, made with jalapeño-infused tequila, honey, and pineapple.

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Absolutely Aperol

specialty wedding cocktails
Ashley Ludaescher Photo

Refreshing and aesthetically pleasing, an Aperol spritz is an ideal signature sip for a summertime event. At their July wedding, this couple welcomed attendees with a big glass of the bright orange beverage.

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Thirst Quenchers

spiked watermelon lemonade drinks on bar cart
Jessa Schifilliti

Is your wedding during the sweltering summer month? Opt for a beverage that will quench your guests' thirst. At this celebration, cups of pre-poured watermelon lemonade mixed with tequila or vodka were available to help keep attendees keep cool.

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ariel trevor wedding tulum mexico signature cocktails
Bryan from For the Love of It

Add a unique touch to your cocktails by serving them with personalized napkins, like the ones Laura Allin from Gather Events helped this duo dream up. Adorned with each person's first initial and illustrations of florals and greenery, these napkins were the perfect thing to keep condensation off glasses.

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Notes of Chamomile

wedding cocktails with flowers
Perry Vaile

Are you using some form of edible bloom as part of your big-day flower palette? If so, add it to your signature sips to tie everything together. Take inspiration from this couple, who incorporated chamomile provided by Floressence Florals into various parts of their wedding, including during their bud toss and as a garnish in their signature drink: a chamomile gin fizz.

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Blood Oranges

orange wedding cocktails with sliced citrus
Starling Studio

Incorporate elements from your wedding ceremony into your cocktail hour, like this couple did. During their vows, the duo burned incense alongside fresh citrus fruits, which appeared again during cocktail hour, when celebrants were offered blood orange and ginger cocktails topped with dehydrated citrus slices.

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Hot Drinks

hot chocolate with festive straws
Perry Vaile

If you're tying the knot during the holiday season, lean into the aesthetic by serving hot drinks that will keep guests feeling warm. We love what this couple did with the help of their wedding planner from A Southern Soiree: Mugs of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows were the perfect way to keep the spirit bright, especially when paired with gift wrapped straws and festive napkins.

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Pretty Sips

cocktail at wedding cocktail hour
Anya Kernes Photography

How you choose to serve your signature cocktail is often even more important than the beverage itself. At this wedding, an otherwise simple margarita was transformed into something everyone wanted to try when delicately dipped in salt and served with a perfectly cut lemon wedge.

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Citrus Cocktail

citrus-infused signature drinks
Koman Photography

Planning a summer celebration? Add a little citrus to your signature beverage—it's bright, refreshing, and makes your drink pop. At this celebration, the couple served a cocktail made with kumquat cordial, vodka, and lemon juice for a burst of citrusy tang.

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blackberry signature drinks
Anna Delores Photography

Use your wedding's overall theme—if it has one—to inspire your cocktail choices. Take notes from this couple's moody, magic-inspired event—they served a beverage crafted by Soirée Center that used blackberry lemonade, fresh blackberries, and activated charcoal to evoke a dark and dramatic vibe.

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Multiple Margaritas

bessie john wedding cocktails
Jose Villa

Why serve one signature cocktail when you can serve four? This couple couldn't decide between a single margarita flavor, so they chose to serve multiple options, including watermelon-mint, smoky, classic, and pomegranate with habanero simple syrup.

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Infused Champagne

plum-infused champagne
Becca B Photography

It's no secret that Champagne is the ultimate celebratory beverage. Punch it up a bit and serve it as your signature drink by infusing your favorite bubbly with bright red sliced plums.

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bride signature cocktail
Daniel Kim Photography

Create something as delicious as it is visually appealing, like this bride's signature cocktail. Acquired Taste Bartending Co. created this two-toned, pretty-in-pink drink made with lemon, raspberry, and vodka. Two skewered berries topped off the cocktail.

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His and Hers

cassandra jason wedding cocktail signage
Katie Parra Photography

This duo served up two of their favorite beverages on their wedding day, with adorable illustrated signs to match. The groom's drink of choice was an old fashioned while the bride opted for a mix of gin, St. Germain, and grapefruit juice.

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Mint Juleps

mint juleps on a tray
Eric Kelley

Let your wedding's locale guide your cocktail choices. The perfect example is this couple, who served a mint julep—a regional classic—at their West Virginia spring wedding. It kept guests refreshed in the warmer weather and paid homage to the area.

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celina rob wedding virginia cocktail
Abby Jiu Photography

Are you planning a winter fête? Nod to the season, like these newlyweds did, and serve Moscow mules decorated with sugared cranberries skewered with a snowflake stirrer. They're perfect for a Christmastime affair.

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Custom Margaritas

Bonnie Sen Photography

If you're serving a common fan favorite, like a margarita, try putting your own signature spin on it! At this wedding, the couple coined their beverage the "Rosemary Refresher"—a margarita made with grapefruit juice, a house-made rosemary syrup, and smoky reposado tequila.

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wedding cocktail
Koby Brown

Choosing the right garnish can take a simple cocktail to the next level. We love what this duo did by serving a lavender sling in one of their multiple signature sips, including a blackberry thyme fizz, gin and cucumber, and bourbon peach cocktails.

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risa ross wedding brooklyn new york signature cocktails
Fiona Conrad

Guests won't have any confusion as to what your signature beverage is if you serve them in front of a display like this couple did. Planner Jove Meyer helped them create illustrations of the drinks (Kentucky mules and Manhattans) and their recipes, laser-cut from adhesive vinyl, providing a visual of the drinks on offer.

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Wine Barrels

Jodi & Kurt Photography

Consider other elements of your relationship, like where you met and the spot of your engagement, when choosing your wedding-day beverage. Here, an Old Fashioned and sangria were displayed on top of wine barrels as a nod to the couple's vineyard proposal.

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peach strawberry and mango bellinis
Michelle Beller

Will your cocktail hour fall earlier in the day? Play up the brunch vibes by serving peach and mango Bellinis and orange mimosas, like this pair did. Halved strawberries decorated the cocktails for a bright, fruity touch.

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Mules and Manhattans

jamie jon wedding cocktail drinks and sign
Rachel Havel Photography

Serving signature cocktails that are as delicious as they are timeless is a great way to ensure there's something guests will find familiar on the menu. At this wedding, the bride's drink of choice was a Manhattan, while the groom opted for a Moscow mule—two drinks that will never go out of style.

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Family Inspiration

laura john wedding massachusetts cocktail
Edward Winter / READYLUCK

There are plenty of ways to honor family and friends at your wedding, but we love the idea of working them into cocktail hour. This couple served tall glasses of gin and tonics—a nod to the bride's late grandmother (they were her favorite drink!). With the help of Margaret Cally Events, the duo added drink stirrers with family photos to every beverage.

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New Mules

washington dc wedding cocktails
Kate Headley

Collaborate with your significant other to create one drink that's a perfect combination of you both. This couple worked together to create a delicious cocktail that featured luxardo cherries and Bermudan ginger beer for an unexpected take on the classic Moscow mule.

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