Swizzle sticks topped with crepe paper flowers -- a spider chrysanthemum and a sleek calla lily -- add zest to lime spritzers.

How to Make It

Calla Lily: Cut a 5-inch petal freehand (or download the template here) from a single layer of two-toned green crepe paper. Affix 5 pearl stamens (found at crafts stores) to the end of stirrer with floral tape. Place stamen end of stirrer in center of crepe paper petal; wrap petal around stirrer to form blossom; bind with floral tape.

Chrysanthemum: Cut a 2-inch-wide strip from prefolded crepe paper (do not unfold). Fringe with scissors (or download the template here). Unfold paper, and wind strip around end of stirrer; wrap with floral tape to secure. Fluff fringed ends to form a blossom.



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