Yet, that is.

By Emily Platt
October 09, 2018
justin bieber and hailey baldwin walking together
Credit: Getty

If Justin Bieber is legally married, why isn't he wearing a wedding band? Though the pop star and his wife, Hailey Baldwin, tied the knot in a courthouse ceremony, they're doing everything they can to draw attention away from their newlywed status. That explains why the groom has skipped the symbolic jewelry says an Entertainment Tonight source.

"Justin and Hailey are legally married, but Justin is telling friends he isn't planning on wearing a wedding band for a while," the insider revealed. According to the source, they're "trying not to make a spectacle of it," which is why "they kept their marriage under wraps and got engaged without telling anyone." That goes for their nearest and dearest, too-not just their fans. "Justin and Hailey are marching to the beat of their own drum when it comes to their relationship, keeping everyone close to them on their toes," the insider continued.

This doesn't mean the star won't ever wear a wedding ring, however. The source shared he's "most likely" waiting until the couple has a "more formal ceremony." As we previously reported, Bieber and Baldwin will consider their larger, religious wedding their official one.

Whatever the case, sources insist that, while the couple decided to keep their marriage private, it has nothing to do with cold feet. Another insider recently told ET that they "wanted to be married and didn't want to wait." Though they're looking forward to a bigger celebration, "this intimate ceremony was exactly what they wanted" first.


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