Their first scene had tons of chemistry.
Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello getting ice cream
Credit: Joe Manganiello via Instagram

Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara are adorable IRL, so we can only imagine how cute they'd be starring on camera as a pair! Now, we'll be able to see just that, thanks to Manganiello's upcoming movie, Stano. Both the actor and his wife were cast in the film, and the two were recently spotted on set making their on-screen debut as a team.

Manganiello and Vergara were working in Queens when paparazzi caught them filming. Though little is known about Vergara's role, they were captured acting together. Entertainment Tonight revealed a photo, where the couple's standing side-by-side. It looks as though they're having a chat, and their chemistry is obvious!

The spouses have been spotted out and about throughout New York City this summer. Not long ago, they enjoyed a meal in the Bronx, which Vergara shared on Instagram. Manganiello also gave some insight into filming, writing "#STANO Day 1" under a photo of a fish truck. He also shared a snapshot of he and Vergara getting ice cream, with one of the film's directors in the picture. (Let's also talk about Vergara's outfit-bridal shower-worthy, anyone?)

We can't wait to see the cute pair on the big screen, where we're positive they'll shine. For now, we'll settle from more set sneak-peeks-we just want to know Vergara's role! Are their respective characters sharing some sort of romance? We sure hope so!


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