The singer said his bride is his "forever."

By Nashia Baker
May 18, 2020

Justin and Hailey Bieber are approaching two years of marriage, but the couple is still clearly in the honeymoon phase. The singer candidly shared his love for his wife in one of his latest Instagram posts: "Dear Hailey, as I lay here, you asleep next to me, I think to myself how did I get so blessed," he wrote. "[Your] humility, joy, and desire to grow blows me away! I am honored to be your husband. I promise to love you all the days of our lives."

The singer concluded the caption by declaring that she will always be his lifetime love. "Good night Hailey I hope you read this in the morning and smile! You are my FOREVER," he wrote.

Over the past month, the newlyweds have also become more candid about their relationship; they recently opened up about the most rewarding parts of their marriage in their new Facebook Watch series, The Biebers on Watch, People reported. "The companionship that you get out of it," Hailey shared of her favorite aspect of their union. "The more you work on it and fight for it to be solid, it takes a lot of work."

Justin agreed, also noting that he has a newfound sense of security with his wife by his side. "I think the security marriage gives you is that you make a covenant before God to love that person for better or for worse, in sickness and in health," he said. "You've done amazing for me. You were there when I was really struggling. This season, I feel like I'm in the best place I've ever been. You and I are the closest we've ever been, it's really fun to experience new things with you, travel with you."


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