These delicious additions are far from outdated.
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It may seem like candy buffets at wedding receptions have gone the way of Jordan almonds and satin bridesmaids' dresses, but they're not lost forever—and maybe never will be. At least, not as long as people have a sweet tooth, says event planner Heather Lowenthal of Posh Parties. "There was a trend a while ago, and I feel like it's dying down," she says. "It's not as prevalent, but I do think people still enjoy it and there's a place for it. I still think it's a fun addition." Need a little convincing that a spread of sweet treats is worth offering at your celebration? Lowenthal shares three reasons why she still loves a wedding candy buffet.

They're super personal.

A candy buffet is a simple, accessible way for a couple to share some of their favorite treats with their guests, giving the reception a custom touch and an extra dose of personality, says Lowenthal. She likes to have each member of the couple pick a few of the candies he or she likes best—whether that's childhood go-tos like sour watermelons or gummy bears, or more grown-up chocolates or truffles—and display the sweets with coordinating signage that points out which ones were chosen by which newlywed. Consider this the perfect time to have your friends and family weigh in and settle your running debate with your partner about which is better: Twizzlers or Red Vines, Reese's Pieces or Reese's Cups.

They're unique.

Though candy buffets used to be an item on almost every couple's dream wedding checklist, now they're an unexpected—but just as welcome—addition to celebrations of all sizes. "A few years back, it was definitely one of those must-haves at a wedding," says Lowenthal. "Now it's more of an added fun, interactive thing for guests." Set your candy buffet up during the later part of your reception to give guests a sugar rush for the last few hours of dancing, or offer it in place of a favor as partiers are leaving at the end of the night. "People love to give something away at the end and something edible always wins out," says Lowenthal. "At weddings, people splurge more—even if you're on a diet, you eat dessert."

People love them.

Do you need any other reason? Set up a table full of free candy and your friends and family will be more than happy to dig in—without a second thought about whether it's trendy or not. "Guests like to have something interactive," says Lowenthal, "so it's something for them to do, since they get to make up their own variety of candies." Foolproof choices for your buffet include jellybeans, anything gummy, Hershey's Kisses, and custom M&Ms. Offer mini takeout containers or cellophane bags for guests to fill, and ask your event staff to replenish the jars as they're emptied so that no one misses their chance for those gummy peaches or classic lollipops. Then watch your friends and family, from your great aunt to your toddler nephew, choose their favorites and go home happy. "No matter your age," says Lowenthal, "everyone loves candy."


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