When it comes to creating a showstopping wedding cake, baker and cake designer Ron Ben-Israel looks to fashion for inspiration. His latest fashion-to-food design obsession: chic simplicity, in the form of minimalist dots, ribbons, and oversized flowers inspired by the elegant lines of classic Chanel. And it's easier to achieve than you think with this simple how-to.

Tools and Materials

  • Fondant sheeter or Lucite rolling pin
  • Fondant in black and white
  • Pizza cutter
  • Measuring tape
  • Fondant-covered cake
  • Water or piping gel
  • Pastry brush
  • Piping tip
  • Sugar paste in bright pink and black
  • Petal cutter
  • Foam board
  • Ball tool
  • Egg cup mold
  • Decorative circle mold
  • Royal icing

Cake Decorating How-To

1. Make ribbons: Using sheeter or rolling pin, roll out black and white fondant into sheets, 2 to 3 millimeters thick.

2. Cut fondant into strips with a pizza cutter, using a measuring tape to create uniform rows.

3. Brush fondant ribbons with water, and apply as desired to fondant-covered cake. Alternately, attach ribbons to cake with piping gel by applying piping gel directly to cake and placing ribbon on top.

4. Make dots: Using a piping tip of desired size, cut out circles of black and white fondant. Attach to cake using either water or piping gel, as described in previous step.

5. Make anemone flowers: Using sheeter or rolling pin, roll out pink sugar paste into a sheet, 2 to 3 millimeters thick.

6. Using a petal cutter, cut flower petals from pink sugar paste. Place on foam board. Thin petal edges using ball tool, and place on egg cup mold until completely dry, no longer than 24 hours.

7. Place black sugar paste into decorative circle mold to create flower center.

8. Place dollop of royal icing on cake. Arrange petals in icing to form flower shape; cover center with the decorative circle that you have just made.


Fondant sheeters available from Somerset Industries. Rolled fondant available from Satin Fine Foods.


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