Plus, why Kelly Ripa has never been to a bachelorette bash!
Ryan Seacrest and Sister
Credit: Ryan Seacrest via Instagram

While hosting his show with Kelly Ripa this morning, Ryan Seacrest admitted to something surprising. "I haven't been to a bachelor party in years," the personality revealed. His co-host then shared something even more shocking-she's never, ever been to a bachelorette party! The two got to discussing the separate celebrations, and Seacrest spilled on a bachelor party he's attending.

"I'm going to one this weekend, so I can't wait to report back on Monday," shared Seacrest. "It's in Vegas. I think it's one of the first ever to be in Vegas," he joked. "But you're going to have to smuggle out of there what happened, right? Because what happens there stays there," added Ripa. While Seacrest wouldn't dish on anything specific, he suggested that the pre-nuptial event wouldn't be too wild. "It's a close friend. I'm in his wedding coming up in September, which is going to be great," he shared. "It's only one night and there's dinner scheduled, and I don't know anything else yet. But I will live to tell, hopefully, on Monday."

The two also spoke about bachelorette parties, and funnily enough, Seacrest's the expert. "I eloped and I've never been to a bachelorette party, ever," shared Ripa. As it turns out, her friends skipped the bash, in favor of just throwing a bridal shower. On his part, Seacrest's been involved in at least one. The celebrity planned his sister's!

"I had to take 17 women to Napa," the host previously revealed on Harry, while discussing his role as his sibling's man of honor. "I called my sister and said, 'What does it mean, man of honor?' and she said, 'Well you've got to do everything that the maid of honor would do.' I said, 'A bachelorette party?' She said, 'Yeah.'"

Good luck to Seacrest on his bachelor-party return-here's to hoping for stories on Monday's episode!


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