With help from stylist Mark Holmes, we've broken down what to look for in a well-tailored suit so a groom can walk down the aisle looking his best.
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The seam on a well-fitting jacket ends where your shoulder does. If it's too tight, that creates a bump in the seam; too loose, and it will sink into your arm.


Follow the always-sometimes-never rule: Always fasten the top button, sometimes the middle, and never the bottom.


It looks best if only a sliver of cuff, about 1⁄4 inch, peeks out when arms are relaxed at your sides.

Jacket Length

Ideally, the bottom of a jacket should hit an inch above your knuckles when your hands rest at your sides.


This topic is hotly debated among menswear experts, but in Holmes's opinion, a pant leg should only have a slight break, if any, with the hem just hitting the shoelace.

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