Martha Stewart Celebrations brings you the perfect memento for your intimate pre-wedding party.

June 11, 2018
Credit: Courtesy of Michaels

If you're a bride-to-be, you're likely searching for ways to make and retain as many memories as possible in the months before their big day, especially when it comes to your bridal shower. It's no surprise that the time you spend with your closest female friends and is one of the most important parts of this journey-which is why you're invested in documenting it. While photos are a great way to capture these moments, hand-written notes from your loved ones are even better. A guestbook is typically the go-to place to corral these well-wishes, but standard sizes are often too large for a celebration this intimate. That's where Martha Stewart Celebrations, a collection of party supplies available exclusively at Michaels, comes in. They've set you up with a framed DIY guest board project that'll take the place of a traditional book.

Not a DIY connoisseur? No worries. This beginner-level project is beyond simple, even for the junior-most crafter. To get started, you'll need a few basic supplies, including gold metallic acrylic paint, an alphabet stencil set, a stencil brush set, a dauber set, a basic brush kit, stencil tape, a wall frame with a double mat, white cardstock paper, a water basin, and paper towels.

After you've gathered your supplies, remove the mat and glass from the frame and place it to the side. Using your 1" flat brush, basecoat the frame in gold paint (apply a second coat if needed!). While that dries, arrange the stencil to read "well wishes." Using stencil tape, secure the stencils onto a piece of cardstock and, using the 1/2" stencil brush, apply gold paint over the stencil.

You'll want to let the letters dry before removing the stencil and closing the opening between the characters with the #6 round brush (this creates a calligraphed effect!). Then, load the 1/4" dauber with gold paint and create cascading dots above and below the stenciled letters-go ahead and use the above photo for reference. When everything's dry to the touch, assemble the frame, mat, and cardstock, leaving the glass out. At the bridal shower, provide guests with fine-tip markers and ask them to leave their handwritten sentiments on the mat.


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