Save a little money without sacrificing on experience by cutting some of these big-day elements.
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From floral arrangements and ceremony programs to escort cards and linen rentals, weddings are full of so many small, potentially stress-inducing details that often come with an expensive price tag. That's why you're probably wondering if all-or even any-of these little pieces are necessary. The short answer: no. If you care a lot about flowers, splurge on those spendy centerpieces you love; if not, don't. If you're happy with the look of classic white linens, there's no reason why you need to upgrade to luxe velvet options. To save yourself a little money without sacrificing on the look and experience of your wedding, consider eliminating these one or more of these nine details, most of which the majority of your guests won't even notice.

Over-the-Top Invitations

Printed invitations are necessary for relying the details of your wedding, but couples don't need to spend a fortune on imported paper, elaborate calligraphy, and monogrammed detailing, especially if these details don't mean a great deal to them. Choose a simple stationery suite that reflects your wedding theme without going overboard, and only include essential elements in the envelope to save on postage.

Ceremony Programs

Just as guests won't fawn over elegant mailed stationery, they won't pay much attention to your ceremony programs. In fact, most programs will be discarded directly after the nuptials. Save money by sticking with a basic (but not too boring) design. Or, you can skip the programs entirely, opting for a large sign instead.

Chair Décor

You've probably have seen flower-covered wedding chairs pop up on your social media feed, and while they're certainly beautiful, they're also an extra expense. Guests won't think twice about unadorned chairs, so there's no need to shell out big if it's just not in the budget. If you really love the look, consider decorating just your chairs at the head table.

Upgraded Linens

While you may be tempted to splurge on those elegant tablecloths you found online, guests likely won't give your linens a second glance-not to mention the fact that they'll be covered in dinnerware and centerpieces anyway. There's nothing wrong with choosing classi, affordable linens (in the proper color palette) and dressing them up with accessories.

Overflowing Centerpieces

Statement-making centerpieces packed with flowers and greenery dress up any reception table. After giving them an initial glance, however, the majority of your guests won't spend the night admiring the décor element. Talk to your florist about ways to create memorable centerpieces that fit within a budget you're comfortable with. By scaling back a little on these details, you could invest more in an arrangement that matters more to you, like your bouquet or the centerpieces on the head table, instead.

Elaborate Dinnerware

Guests won't start conversations around your shining crystal glasses or vintage salad forks. Dinnerware should simply allow guests to eat their meal, so there's no need to choose extra-expensive options from the rental company.

Tons of Signage

Directional signage is important if you're tying the knot on an expansive property, but decorative ones on places like your cake table and bar may be looked over by your guests. Once they're in the reception space, your family and friends should have no problem locating the bar or dessert table. If you really want to include some signage at your wedding, choose just a few that you can make really impactful. A welcome sign at the entrance to your wedding and a cool menu are ones your guests will actually notice.

Cake Details

Brides and grooms spend a surprising sum on breathtaking wedding cakes, but your guests will care more about taste than appearance. Your cake should look picture-worthy and delicious, but tons of add-on details like sugar flowers, piped designs, or handmade cake toppers aren't really necessary. If you're looking to cut back on dessert costs, choose just one decorative element you really love, then let the rest go.

Personalized Favors

Guests love feeling appreciated, which is why thoughtful wedding favors go a long way. However, most monogrammed gifts (especially if it's your monogram) get left behind at the end of the wedding. Instead of spending big on mugs, totes, or other personalized presents, choose something simple and crowd-pleasing. Edible favors like cookies, cupcakes, or salty snacks never go to waste.


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