The answer really depends on where you're getting married.
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It's a question we hear a lot: Does choosing an off-peak wedding date really save you that much money? The truth is, it totally depends on the location of the wedding, what the weather is like during the off-season, and the vendors you hire. For some couples, they might save as much as a few thousand dollars by booking during the off-season. For others, their guests may reap all the benefits. So, here's what you need to know before you start planning an off-peak wedding.

Room rates and flights will be cheaper.

The biggest savings you'll see for an off-peak wedding is the discount your guests will get on room rates and flights to your destination. Because demand is lower during the off-season, you're sure to see pricing dip in accordance. If your wedding is local and most of your guests will not be traveling for the event, you may not see much of a discount during off-season.

Many vendors don't charge differently during off-season.

Florists, caterers, planners, photographers, musicians, videographers, DJs, and officiants are much less likely to offer lower rates during off-peak season. For them, their services don't change with the seasons and they don't see a need to lower their rates unless pushed to do so. You may be able to negotiate more during a quiet season, but it really depends on the vendor.

Venue site fees and closures.

There are plenty of venues that offer more affordable rates during shoulder seasons or off-season, but not all venues adjust pricing throughout the year. Some venues will close up for the season if the weather isn't amenable for weddings, or they may keep their pricing the same year-round if the weather is typically decent all year.

Consider the weather during off-peak season.

Every location comes with its own set of challenges during off-peak season, but some of those challenges are worse than others. For instance, hurricane season often brings lower rates for resorts and hotels, but you'll have to decide if that's a risk you're comfortable taking. The weather could be rainy, windy, or a mix of both throughout your wedding weekend and it'll be more important than ever that you have indoor backup plans. While you may save money on room rates, you could end up spending more money on tenting and keeping your event dry.

A weekday alternative.

If you're looking to cut costs easily, having a wedding on any day but Saturday can also lower your expenses. Many vendors cut their rates for non-Saturday weddings, and most venues offer a different price range for these less popular dates. This could be a great alternative, allowing you to host your wedding during peak season while still saving a bit of money.


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