We'd gladly plan an event with this kind of budget!
Credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage

Pippa Middleton's wedding is shaping up to be the nuptial event of the year, and we're firmly committed to collecting every last detail about the big day. We know the date, the location, even whether or not Prince Harry is bringing a plus one, but the last remaining detail we didn't have a handle on? The happy couple's wedding budget.

According to the Daily News, a U.K.-based planning website has already broken down the estimated cost of Middleton and fiancé James Matthews' wedding, and the final numbers are just what we'd expect from a fairytale wedding attended by members of the royal family. After estimating the dress alone at approximately $13,000, floral décor at closer to $20,000, and catering costs running more than $90,000, it's easy to see how Bridebook came up with their final number: a whopping $320,113, which is nearly 15 times the cost of the average wedding day.

Other wedding elements that went into Bridebook's calculations include a cake (coming at just over $3,000 for the 350-person guest list) and even high end mobile toilets befitting the couple's A-list attendees (which the website is marking down at $5,179). And one other detail the planning site took into account? The couple's rings. Rumor has it, Cartier is custom-making a diamond-encrusted wedding ring for Middleton and an equally luxe platinum band for Matthews. Together, these symbols of the couple's commitment are estimated to cost right around $26,000.

Let's just say this wedding will be one for the record books. And that we're really wishing we'd been on the guest list! No matter what the couple's actual budget is, we're sure every detail is going to be absolutely stunning.


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