Check out these hilarious videos of kids discussing crushes and married life—you may learn a thing or two!
Credit: Yazy & John/Yazy Jo

They may be young, but when it comes to love, children are wise beyond their years. We're keeping a running tally of some of the cutest conversations about love and marriage ever captured.

Buzzfeed asked kids about their current crushes, and the result is pretty freaking adorable.

For his "Interview With a Toddler" series on his YouTube channel, New Father Chronicles, Florida dad La Guardia Cross asked his 15-month-old daughter for her thoughts on "the true meaning of love." Hilarious!

As part of the "Kids Explain" series, Jimmy Kimmel's team took to the streets to get kids' personal definitions of love.

And in another installment of "Kids Explain" following the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of same-sex marriage, Kimmel and his crew tried to find out what kids understand about same-sex marriage. It turns out, a whole lot!

What is love? The Jubilee Project asked kids what they thought (the best: "It feels like you'll never be lonely"), as well as the best ways to show it ("Treat them in a special way").

We should probably all start off our days like this little girl does, by listing all the things and people we like and love.

This six-year-old gave her mom an incredibly mature lesson in dealing with divorce.

And finally, one independent five-year-old who has her priorities straight. "I don't want to marry someone if I don't have a job first," she proclaims. "I don't care if I marry you, I don't care if I marry another man. I care if I do something that's special." You keep doing you, girl. Besides, without a job, those wedding bills can add up.


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