The soon-to-be-wed couple snapped a photo with the welcoming crowd.
Bride and Groom at Chicago Women's March
Credit: Jai Girard Photography via ABC News' Instagram

Saturday's various Women's Marches were a big moment (and win) for women's rights and human rights across the globe. But in the midst of the Chicago demonstration, it also became extra memorable for one surprised bride and groom.

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Marko and Allison Milincic were on their way to their wedding when street closures and delays halted their plans. "We were afraid of missing our ceremony," the bride told Inside Edition, but to their surprise, the crowd was more than accommodating.

"We started walking to the limo and in the midst of it every one on the street was so congratulatory and gracious," Mrs. Milincic recalled. "We walked through the marching area and people surrounded us and started chanting 'love trumps hate,'" she added. "It was amazing."

Meanwhile, the couple's wedding photographer and videographer took the opportunity to grab unforgettable footage.

Jai Girard of Jai Girard Photography shared her snapshot with ABC News, and LEAP Weddings freelance filmmaker Joshua Tammaro gave CBS Chicago the above video clip.

As for the "I do," the couple thankfully made it to their ceremony on time. "We had to kind of hightail it," Mr. Milincic told Inside Edition. "It was wonderful how they allowed us to go through and even in the midst of the midst we were able to take some great photos."

According to the interview, the march wasn't part of the couples' plans, but they're grateful for the impromptu moment.

"The whole day could've kind of gone sideways, but everything was perfect," Mrs. Milincic concluded.

If it wasn't already clear, love really does trump hate, and the kindness expressed by the marchers makes it all the more evident.


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