Don't underestimate the importance of these accessories.
Ted Baker London pale blue floral patterned heels

Have you started to think about accessories to go with your wedding dress? How about your shoes? The shoes you decide to wear when you walk down the aisle are so important, especially when you consider the fact that they can make or break how comfortable you are throughout the celebration. Here's some helpful tips to help you pick the right shoes for your specific wedding dress.

Prioritize Comfort

Remember that the shoes you decide to wear are the ones you'll have on from the your first look straight through your big exit—unless, of course, you plan ahead and choose another pair that work with your dress's hemline. If you don't want to go through the hassle of finding a stiletto and a comfy pair for afterwards, consider choosing a shoe that will keep your feet happy all day long. Tying the knot on grass or sand? Pick a pair with a sturdy heel that won't sink. Planning to dance from the moment the band starts up until the very end of the final song? Make sure you can comfortably cut a rug wearing those heels.

Consider Your Dress's Hemline

Assuming you're like most brides and have to have your wedding dress altered, it's extremely important to select your shoes before your first fitting. Your seamstress will hem the dress and create your bustle to work with the height of that shoe. If your skirt has an asymmetrical hemline, choose a shoe that you'll be excited to see in photos.

Think About Making Them Your Something Blue

Stumped on what to choose for your something blue? Make it your shoes! A powder blue shoe is a great option to keep up with tradition and make your shoe buying process easier.


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