There are pros and cons to getting a faux glow before the big day.

Many makeup artists will tell you that there's one thing almost every bride-to-be says during her makeup trial: "I'm going to be so much tanner on my wedding day." Women almost always feel compelled to warm up their skin tone before the big day, and when done in a safe, healthy way, it can be a great idea. Even so, there are cons to sunless tanning that brides-to-be should consider. Here, what you need to know about going in for a spray tan before the big day.

You Can Achieve the Perfect Glow

Having a spray tan hand-applied by an artist is a great way to build a safe, natural glow before your wedding. For newbie tanners, it's best to build color over several visits, that way you can stop before becoming too dark or orange. Even better, most spray tans can be applied in a way that highlights and accents your muscles-think of it as contour for your entire body.

It Can Look Too Fake

Be careful how you choose to go about getting that sun-kissed look. First, think about whether or not you're a natural tanner. If you have never been one to get bronzed from the sun, a spray tan may leave you looking nothing like yourself. Choose the lightest, most natural looking option so that you will just get a hint of warmth. If you're going the at-home route, choose a self-tanner that develops slowly with a light to medium tone.

You Can Over-Do It

A makeup trial is meant to help you and your artist understand what you want to look like on your big day. A light bronze is fine, but making your skin tone significantly darker defeats the purpose of even practicing the look. While a great artist will be able to make it work, making your tan too dark means you'll look different on your wedding day than you originally planned.

It Can Be Streaky or Uneven

If you don't follow the post-spray directions, even the most expertly-applied spray tan can end up looking fake. Well before the big day, try out a few different sunless tanning options to find one you like the best.


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