So many things, including their love for horses, bond these two together.
Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook

If you watched Kaley Cuoco's emotional engagement video, then you know that she's crazy in love with her fiancé, professional equestrian Karl Cook. The couple opened up about their relationship to the equestrian magazine, Sidelines, and shared that they "can't wait to spend forever together."

"We have been each other's true other half since day one," the couple said. Part of what brought them together, they explained, was their mutual love of animals-when they talk about happily ever after, "dogs, horses, and all" are absolutely included. "We met each other because of horses. Horses are a big part of our lives individually, and together it's amplified because it's something we share, and we can do it together," explained Cook.

The athlete went on to describe the duo's first date. "We met at [the horse park,] Thermal in 2016, and the day we met I actually ended up asking her out to dinner," he said. "We went to dinner that night and we've been together ever since." According to the actress, life after marriage will involve "a lot of horses, dogs, and free time with Karl." That doesn't mean she plans to let go of her career, though. "I'm unsure what my future holds after Big Bang," Kaley said, of her hit television show, which is currently in its 11th season. "I will never be done working, since it's what I do, but I look forward to a change of pace!"

Cuoco and Cook became engaged in late November, after Cook pulled the ultimate prank on his soon-to-be-bride in Target. He presented her with a toy engagement ring, and posted a photo of Cuoco, who was less than thrilled, on Instagram. But, he quickly followed up the joke with the real thing when they returned home. "Who knew my prior post was oracular. Well after nearly two years I finally got up the courage to ask her to marry me," announced Cook, alongside a video of his sobbing fiancée, wearing her new pear-shaped engagement ring.


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