Credit: James Baigrie

Make graceful holders with swirls that enhance a card's design. These are actually pieces of inexpensive radio wire -- cloth-covered wire, used in vintage radios, that is available in a variety of colors online (look for solid, not stranded, wire). Give it a new twist for a wedding, and it can hold aloft menus, table numbers, or place cards. The wire bends easily and is sturdy enough to keep its shape. The shorter stands rest on a table, and the tall version can be placed in a centerpiece. Copy our designs or create your own.

Wire Card Holders How-To

With scissors, cut about 10 inches of radio wire for small holders, 20 inches for tall ones. Bend wire into a big loop at middle. On each side, first bend a slightly smaller loop, crossing over in front, then a slightly larger loop, this time crossing over behind. Keep bending the wire to form the same-size loop again, directly behind the last one to make a spiral (the cards will be held between these loops). For a short holder, bend each remaining tail of wire to form a C shape perpendicular to the rest of the holder (below); these will sit on the tabletop. For the tall version, bend the remaining tails to form sticks. Trim ends.



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