Recently married women share the practical tips that helped them get healthy and fit before the big day.
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Though your greatest, most attractive asset is your self-confidence, if you want to feel your very best when you walk down the aisle, you might be inclined to revamp your healthy eating and fitness routines after your get engaged. While there are plenty of ways to get healthy and fit, it's often a change in mindset and subtle shifts in habits that make a lasting impact. And though you might focus heavily on the number of reps you get through, the distances you run, and the number of calories on your plate, leading a healthy life also includes prioritizing your mind and stress levels, too. Here, brides who have been-there-and-married-their-man share the tips and tricks that really helped them adopt a healthy lifestyle before their big day.

Don't get started right away.

When Jaime Maser Berman got engaged in October and set her date for June, she thought it was important to get started on her fitness goals ASAP. But her trainer steered her in a different direction to avoid the chance she'd lose steam, plateau, or get frustrated. "We did start training and we did track my fitness progression and nutrition, but he made sure I didn't go full steam ahead too early," she explains. "Instead, we really pushed the intensity level three months out, so I would be in my best possible shape by my wedding day."

Take time to let go of anxieties.

There are plenty of reasons why you can't sleep at night, even if you're happier than you've ever been. With so many boxes to check off, expectations to manage, and budgets to balance, it's easy to let the tiny details of wedding planning get to you. For bride Morgan Sizemore, prioritizing her mental health was a way to think about the long haul instead of focusing on the short-term. "When you're wedding planning, you can easily forget the 'why' behind all of the stress. That's why you should take five minutes each day to tell your soon-to-be-spouse about a moment that made you think 'Man, I am so lucky to be spending the rest of my life with this person.' You will find the most ordinary things make up a lot of those moments," she shares. "This really helped clear our minds and reminded us why all of the wedding madness was worth it. It has become a bedtime tradition for us even now."

Focus on your goal areas.

When you take a gander in the mirror, you're definitely harder on yourself than any other person in your life. Instead of nit-picking every last section of your body, Berman says to consider a different route. "Focus on what matters to you when it comes to tightening and toning. We got married on a beach, and I spent the days leading up to the wedding in a bikini, hanging with friends and family poolside, so for me, I was all about toning up my core since I spent 90 percent of the time in Jamaica in a bathing suit and 10 percent in a wedding dress," she said.

Up your protein intake.

If you can't seem to find the extra cash to hire a nutritionist to help you meal plan, consider using a tried-and-true tactic instead. As Berman explains, protein is truly the all-star food group for slimming. "I'm a pescatarian that leans more vegetarian, so protein sources can be limiting. But my trainer emphasized how filling and crucial it is for a healthy lifestyle, so I ate more eggs, peanut butter, beans, and shrimp throughout the day, and that made it so much easier to decrease my beloved carbs," she says.

Find a workout that works-and relieves stress.

The greatest hurdle in actually getting into your best shape ever before the wedding? Investigating various types of exercises, classes, and regimes to discover what actually keeps you coming back for more. As lifestyle blogger Chelsea Briche found, she needed a workout that wasn't only effective but send feel-good vibes to her mind, too. "Not only is boxing a killer workout but it's massively therapeutic. I visualize the punching bag as my wedding planning to do list or the unwarranted opinions and boom-the stress is smashed away," she shares.


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