Their sacrifice should be noted.

Memorial Day is all about remembering those who have served our country. While taking one day out of the year to commemorate the great sacrifice so many men and women make for our collective safety, we feel members of the military should be celebrated everyday-not just on the last Monday of May. In honor of all those brides and grooms who have, are, or will serve our country, we've rounded up our favorite ways to honor their military backgrounds on the big day. After all, it's such an important part of their lives, so why wouldn't you want to highlight it in your ceremony or reception?

Choose a military wedding venue.

Every military academy or grounds has an on-site chapel, and what better way to pay homage to your career than by tying the knot at the place it all started? Like any other venue, these chapels are typically in-demand, so you'll want to think about booking around a year out.

Wear your dress uniform.

Although it may be obvious, wearing the dress uniform of your specific military branch is a wonderful, meaningful way to honor your background. Since this formal attire is reserved for special occasions, there are few occasions more fitting than your wedding day for donning that dress attire.

Use your formal title.

Whether it's on your wedding invitations, in your programs, or in the vows themselves, honor the title you or your military bride or groom has worked so hard to earn by using it throughout the wedding.

Exit through an arch of sabers or swords.

While this ceremony differs between different military branches, crossing beneath an arch of sabers or swords is an ritual meant to give a newlywed couple safe passage into their life as a married pair. Ask officers in your wedding party or guest list to create this beautiful and meaningful arch-it will be a moment you won't forget.

Use a cutlass or saber to slice your wedding cake.

Many military brides and grooms choose to make the first cut into their wedding cake using a special sword. As with an arch of sabers, the protocol differs between military branches, but in most cases the couple will pass the sword back and forth before cutting the cake while holding the handle together.


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