The male attendants on your side of the aisle should have an opportunity to shine.
Bridal Party

Your bridal party should be made up of your nearest and dearest family members and friends, which means that you may want a few men on your side of the aisle while your husband-to-be might want women on his. We fully support those decisions! If you're having any bridesmen (or male members of the bride's wedding party) stand by your side during the ceremony, you may be wondering about how to outfit them. Should they match the groomsmen, or should their looks be entirely different? While there's no wrong way to dress your attendants, you do have options to consider should you want your guys to stand out. Here, three ideas that'll ensure your bridesmen do just that on the wedding day.

Dress them in different suits or tuxedos than the groomsmen.

If you don't love the idea of your bridesmen wearing the exact same outfit as the groomsmen, feel free to dress them in something entirely different. Just make sure it complements their attire or your bridesmaids' dresses. If the groomsmen are wearing gray suits but your bridesmaids will be in navy dresses, you can ask the bridesmen to wear navy, too. Their suits will complement the groomsmen's gray attire, and they'll match the bridesmaids dresses perfectly. You could also have your bridesmen wear the same pants at the groomsmen but then forgo the sport coat entirely, or else wear one that's slightly different. If your groom's attendants are wearing peak lapel tuxedos, your bridesmen could wear the same tuxes with shawl collars instead.

Help them stand out with an alternative accessory.

If you already know you want all the men in the same suits or tuxedos, then help your guys stand out with an alternative accessory, like a unique tie or pocket square. You can tie their accessories back to your bridesmaids' attire by choosing something that coordinates with the bridesmaids' dresses or flowers. Or set them apart entirely with bow ties in a color that'll be seen throughout the rest of your wedding.

Subtly set them apart with flowers.

Even a bold boutonnière can help your bridesmen stand out. You have options here, too. They can wear floral accessories made from different flowers as the rest of the attendants, or they can wear the same flowers as the groomsmen, just in different colors. You can also ask your florist to play with scale-perhaps your bridesmen should wear larger boutonnières, or else have ones arranged in a slightly different shape.


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