It's an honor to be chosen to be a part of your friend's special day, so do him a favor by making an effort to turn up looking your most stylish. Here, the experts at suit and tuxedo rental destination The Black Tux show you how.

Get a (Good) Haircut

A good cut goes a long way. But there is never a need to change your normal style or suddenly go heavy on hair products. Just keep it natural and be "you." If you can manage to round up the rest of the groomsmen before the wedding, rent out a couple of chairs at a barbershop to make getting a trim a fun experience for everyone.

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Nail the Fit

One of the few things the groomsmen are individually responsible for is getting the correct fit for their clothes. The most common mistake? Wearing a suit that is too large. At most rental shops, everything runs big on purpose, which is why the men in many wedding parties look like they're wearing their dads' old suits. For a good fit, look for the following: shoulders that are close to your body, but not constricting; sleeves that are long enough to show a quarter- to half-inch of your shirt with your arms at your sides; and a jacket length ending at the base of your thumbs with your arms at your sides.

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Know Your Part

The groomsmen should be serving a supporting role-they aren't the main attraction of the wedding. Groomsmen should focus purely on the fundamentals: pressed shirt, tied bow tie, polished shoes. Have a handkerchief handy, in case a situation arises in which one would be helpful. Subtlety is key: Unless instructed, groomsmen should be wary of drawing any extra attention to their outfit. The bottom line: dudes must abide.

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Wear It With Confidence

Ever notice that some people can pull off an outfit better than anyone else? That ability comes from a quiet confidence-some people are just comfortable in their own skin and understand a suit or tuxedo doesn't alter them. As Gore Vidal said, "Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn." Those are words we can live by.

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