The Best Scents to Complement Three Popular Wedding Flowers

Don't let your perfume clash with your flowers.

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Carrying a bouquet of your favorite flowers is considered a must on your wedding day. Though you may decide to pick the blooms that make up your arrangement because you love the colors or their signature fragrance, there are a few other things to consider. Most importantly, you'll want to think about how your flower's scent will pair with your wedding fragrance. To ensure your floral arrangement and perfume don't clash, we asked Brook Harvey-Taylor, President and Founder of the natural beauty company Pacifica, for her tips on how to pick scents that will blend together. Here, her advice for popular wedding flower and perfume pairings that won't be too overbearing.



Available in a myriad of colors and considered the ultimate wedding flower, it's no surprise that so many brides want to include roses in their big-day bouquets. Woodsy sandalwood is the perfect combination to balance the flower's sweet aroma. The earthy undertones provide a good base in the fall but during the warmer months add little citrus to keep it bright. Try Valentino's Valentina, or Vince Camuto's Ciao.


Symbolizing radiance and charm, this beautiful bud is another popular pick for bridal bouquets. If you do choose it for your arrangement, remember that ranunculus needs to be mixed with a scent that's playful and lovely. Choose a perfume that features sparkly notes, like orange and grapefruit topped with vanilla, which will bring the subtle fragrance of the flower to life. Try Memo Paris' Moon Leather or Chaz Dean's SixThirteen.


Is there a bride around who doesn't want peonies in her arrangement? As delicate as this flower may be, it also represents wealth, love, and a happy marriage. No wonder it's a bridal favorite! Pair it with a fragrance that it can blend well with, like jasmine, rose, and ylang ylang. They add an air of mystique to this bloom. Try Michael Kors' Midnight Shimmer or Bath and Body Works' Dark Kiss.

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