Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.
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There's nothing worse than the feeling of being stressed over a flight delay, cancellation, or any other travel-related hiccup-especially when one happens just before your destination wedding. If you're hit with an unexpected travel snafu on the way to your wedding location, knowing how to bounce back and handle the situation is essential. That's why we asked wedding and travel experts for their best advice for how to handle a pre-nuptial travel delay like a pro.

Minimize risk from the beginning.

"It's always best to do your homework prior to booking a flight. Ideally you want the most direct routing with the best on-time performance and on an airline that has multiple flights per day, so if yours gets delayed, there's another flight you can hop on later," says Brooke Lavery, owner of The Local Foreigner, a Virtuoso Agency in New York City. Lavery recommends researching on-time performance ratings on flightstats.com, so you can find the flights with the best outcomes for traveling to your destination wedding location.

Discuss a backup plan with your venue and vendors.

"If your destination wedding is small or you're eloping, ask your planner, photographer, florist, caterers, and ceremony location whether you can move the date by one to two days in the worst case scenario," says Johanna Erin Jacobson, owner of Ambientimage Weddings and Events, which specializes in elopement, wedding planning, and photography services abroad. "Often just by having this discussion in advance you can create a backup plan, which will put your mind at ease while you're delayed."

Deal with delays in real time.

"Make sure to sign up for airline alerts for your flight so you stay informed of the most up-to-date flight changes and situations before your departure," notes Emily Lockard-Furry, owner of First in Service Travel, a Virtuoso Agency in Beaumont, Texas. "Also, I always advise my clients to download the Next Flight app because it searches for all available flights from all carriers and airports worldwide. Even though I'll be there as an advisor to assist in making sure they are rebooked, this tool usually gives my clients peace of mind in the interim."

Keep all essential wedding day-attire close.

"Be sure that your carry-on includes not just the dress, but your shoes, any special undergarments, accessories, and veil," notes Jacobson. This applies to the groom, too, who should pack his suit, tie, shoes, and any other accessories.


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