Will you fly your favorite hair and makeup artists in, or will you handle your big-day beauty yourself?

By Nicole Moleti
March 13, 2018
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If you got engaged during the long, cold winter, there's nothing quite as fun as fantasizing about a destination wedding. There are tons of reasons why a couple might choose to tie the knot somewhere warm-you may want to return to a destination that you both love, you want to celebrate in someplace where you marked a relationship milestone, or you simply want to give your guests (and yourselves!) an excuse to plan a getaway. But before you decide to book that island locale, you need to think about your big-day beauty. Although this may seem like something you can take care of later on in the planning process, that's not quite true when you're thinking about tying the knot far from home. Here, four questions beauty-related questions you need to answer before you decide to have a destination wedding.

Would I want to bring in my own artist or use someone local?

If you've had your hair or makeup done by a local artist in the past and loved the results, you may be thinking about asking them to travel for your wedding. Cost can be a deciding factor with this option, as the peace of mind of hiring a pro you've used before comes with a high price tag-you'll have to pay for their airfare and hotel accommodations in addition to their fee. If that price tag is too steep, or if you don't particularly care about using someone you already know, ask your venue or local wedding planner for recommendations in the area.

How many trials could I realistically have?

If you're happy to hire someone in your destination locale, you'll need to think carefully about the hair and makeup trials-namely, how many you can actually expect to have before the wedding. You should certainly plan to have at least one of each, but if you don't love the first results, you'll probably want to have another. That's not always so easy when you don't live nearby. If you're not planning on making more than one trip to the destination before your big day, will you be alright knowing that your look isn't quite set?

Do I have any skin concerns or hair problems I need to worry about?

For those who are prone to breakouts, rashes, or allergic reactions, it's especially important to have a clear wedding-day beauty plan. If you are nervous about this, it might be best to hire your local artist who already has experience working with your sensitive skin. The same goes for hair: If you have particularly finicky locks that only one person has ever had success with, you may want to splurge on flying them out. But if you decide to use someone local, be sure to outline any concerns during your trial and again on the big day.

Could I do my hair or makeup myself?

This is an especially important question if you're thinking about getting married somewhere remote. If you're confident in your hair and makeup skills, then go for it, but if you're not, or if you want your look to be a little more special, this isn't a great idea. Of course, you could make an appointment at your favorite makeup counter and local hair salon to ask for tips and tricks, but it will be hard to replicate the actual style on your wedding day.


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