Wedding inspiration is truly all around you, including in your favorite TV show, movie, or book.

television inspired wedding invites the office
Credit: Alex Kendall

Whether or not you consider yourself a pop culture fanatic, there's a ton of good wedding inspiration to be found in your favorite TV shows, movies, and books. You can go literal with your interpretations and bring in quotes from your favorite scenes and songs or get a little abstract and use paintings as your inspiration. Here are some creative, tasteful ideas to get your brainstorming started.

Incorporate quotes into your paper materials.

These can be inspirational, clever, or just plain funny. Say, for example, that the two of you have a shared obsession with Drake, maybe the back of each menu card has a lyric you love like, "If you had a twin, I would still choose you." Alternatively, you can use a belly band to hold together your destination wedding invitation suite and have your calligrapher write the famous Casablanca line, "We'll always have Paris."

Use art as inspiration.

If there's a painting or other work of art you absolutely love, find a way to recreate it in your own way. Maybe there's a still life of flowers from an old Dutch master you love that can be used as inspiration for your floral arrangements. Or, maybe you find inspiration in the painting "Cakes" by American artist Wayne Thiebaud, 1963, which can easily be used as a dessert display concept. Frida Kahlo's famous painting, "The Bride who Becomes Frightened When She Sees Life Opened," is a beautiful still life that could be used as centerpiece inspiration, providing an excuse to add fresh, tropical fruits to your dining tables.

An event in pop culture can spark an idea.

Kanye West once surprised Kim Kardashian West with a Valentine's Day gift in the form of an empty room filled with long-stem roses and Kenny G playing in the middle, which of course instantly went viral on social media. If that was a moment you were wowed by, why not recreate something similar as your ceremony setup? You don't have to hire Kenny G, but could bring in a harpist or solo guitarist and create a similarly modern, minimalist look covering the floor space with bud vases of roses in varying shades of pink.

Don't forget about cocktail hour.

Cocktail hour is always a good time to bring in a playful element. Maybe your cocktails can be named after your favorite celebrity power couples or nemeses, or your cocktail napkins can have a mix of favorite movie quotes. If you have some silly shared obsession with a particular song or musician, maybe cocktail hour's a good time to have it played.

Check out movie wedding scenes for ceremony inspiration.

It's not always the most realistic approach for your budget, but using film and TV scenes as wedding ceremony décor inspiration can help you get a sense of what you really like. Check out the weddings in Downton Abbey, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Moonrise Kingdom, and Great Gatsby for a wide array of inspiration options.


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