And it's super cute.
Credit: Jenna Dewan-Tatum via Instagram

After eight years of marriage, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum know exactly what they find most attractive about each other. The couple, who turned out for the opening night of Channing's Magic Mike Live show at the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas last week, couldn't stop gushing about their relationship. Confirmation these lovebirds are a match made in Step Up heaven.

"Oh my God, I'm so proud," Jenna said of Channing's work on the new live show, according to ET. "I'm so proud because this is a big feat. I mean, to open a show like this and for him to create this, direct this, have this vision…what's so wonderful about it is it's a really fun, crazy awesome show, and obviously it's sexy." Channing, who admitted he normally gets nervous for movie premieres, shared his excitement about the production. "It's just such a good show," he said. "I love watching it. I've seen it maybe a hundred times now and I love the show."

But Magic Mike Live wasn't the only topic of conversation for the couple. When asked when they find each other the sexiest, the couple made it pretty clear they're still head over heels. "24/7," Channing responded. "And if I knew how many seconds were in the day, I'd say that." He then confirmed that what he loves most is seeing his wife without makeup on. "This is all good and great," he said of his wife's premiere-worthy attire. "I like her when she's in sweat pants and a t-shirt."

Jenna was every bit as adoring of her husband, and shared she finds him sexiest when he's with their daughter. "Helping out with our baby, our kid, just taking her and being superdad for me," the actress said. "I'm like, bow down, sexiest thing ever." Just a little more proof that real love really does work-on and off the big screen!


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