Naturally, it's hilarious.

By Sarah Schreiber
February 08, 2018

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend may be celebrities, but their relationship has always felt relatable. So relatable, in fact, that even their bad habits resonate. The model and cookbook author recently tweeted that her beloved husband of over four years has an annoying (but common!) habit-he's a phone charger thief.

"Yes @johnlegend I buy and leave all the phone chargers all around the house just so you can unplug them all and take them to work with you. all of them!" she wrote on Wednesday. "I love that you love chargers! They're all for you! I just love you that's why I buy them. Because you love them!" Teigen then decided to take matters into her own hands, following up her tweet with an image of a unicorn-shaped phone charger. "I'm buying this," she announced, daring her husband, "Take this, u thief."

This isn't the first time Teigen and Legend have had us in hysterics. Shortly after the 2017 Oscar Awards-we all remember that infamous Best Picture mix-up!-Teigen posted a series of Twitter videos that poked fun at her beau for his near-win. "Hey guys, we're joined by Oscar-winner John Legend…not this year," she said. The decorated musican, who won an Academy Award for his song "Glory" in 2015, was in on the fun. "Not this year," he reiterated.

Comedy aside, these two (who are currently expecting their second child!) are always and forever couple-goals-they never stop praising each other. "My wife [is the most influential person in my life]," Legend told ET at the Time 100 Gala. "We spend a lot of time together, we know each other really well, we get along pretty well too, she's very influential. She makes me cooler than I would be normally."


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