These customizable pyramids do double duty! The finished products will serve as both your wedding program and a holder for confetti.
pyramid confetti

Looking for a quick and easy wedding ceremony DIY, but don't have the skillset of a seasoned crafter? That's where we come in. We've put together an adorable program-meets-confetti holder that'll come in double handy on the big day-before you walk down the aisle and while you recess. The best part? We've done all the work for you by creating a free printable template you'll love.

After gathering your supplies-11- x 17-inch card stock (in your wedding colors!), scissors, and confetti toss materials-fill out your wedding party's info, follow the printing instructions, and fill it with confetti. It's that easy. Here, a step-by-step guide to adding these sweet and simple crafts to your own ceremony.

1. Download the template.

First, download our editable template and open the file in Adobe Acrobat. Fill in your own details, like your names, wedding date, ceremony schedule, and the names of your wedding party members. Then, print your creation out on 11- by 17-inch card stock, with one pyramid on each sheet. Note: Printing this project on 80lb matte card stock produces the best results, so you may want to take your design to a local print shop.

2. Assemble the pyramid.

To assemble the pyramid, cut it out along the outer edges. Then, make creases along the six interior lines so they're bending in towards the unprinted side of the paper. Next, fold the three outer triangles (each features the leaf pattern) in towards the center triangle (the one that features the names of the couple on the other side). They'll tuck in together, forming a pyramid. When finished, the three sides that display your program text will face the outside and the "Open here" tab will be visible.

3. Fill it up!

Finally, fill the pyramid with whatever toss material you like. We opted to use flower petals in ours, but confetti, pom-poms, dried herbs, and bird seed are other tried-and-true favorites. (Just be sure to check with your venue about what items you're allowed to toss.) Ask ushers or members of your bridal party to give the filled pyramids to guests when they arrive at your ceremony-and get ready to celebrate!

Created by Katie Covington Crane, Laura Formisano, Kara Keigan, and Ellen MacDermott.


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