According to the evidence, that is.
Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith

If the reports are accurate, Mandy Moore may officially be a fiancée. The actress was caught wearing what appears to be an engagement ring, and sources suggest that the actress is engaged.

Entertainment journalist Marc Malkin broke the news on Facebook. "Mandy Moore is engaged," he wrote. "I can exclusively reveal that the This Is Us star's musician boyfriend Taylor Goldsmith popped the question last night at their house." A source told Malkin that Goldsmith "was petrified," that Moore "is so happy," and that the engagement ring is "understated."

E! News adds that Moore was spotted wearing her bling at a café in Los Angeles. They touched base with a witness who saw her there, and it certainly sounds like Moore is basking in post-proposal bliss. "Mandy was here yesterday afternoon with three older adults grabbing coffee. I did not notice that she had a ring on her finger, but I did notice how good of a mood she was in. Celebrities come in here all the time and she was one of the nicest and happiest," the insider shared. "She got a latte and paid for everyone's drinks. Her and the others she was with were laughing, hugging, and very cheerful. It looked like they were celebrating something." A proposal, perhaps?

Moore and Goldsmith have been dating for two years, and Moore recently told People that the two were living together. She also told the outlet that she'd "definitely get married again." It sounds like Goldsmith may have taken the hint!


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