Geometric Wooden Candleholders

Remember playing with wooden blocks as a kid—or learning to draw with them in art class? Those same educational toys can be transformed into modernist candleholders and centerpieces with a quick trip to the hardware store and a coat of paint.

Photo: Bryan Gardner


  • Geometric shapes-cylinders, squares, cones, spheres-in wood
  • Wood glue
  • Craft paint and brush
Bryan Gardner


  1. Ask your hardware store to drill a hole in the wood shape that will be holding the candle.
  2. Stack the shapes in a pattern of your preference and join them with wood glue. The shape with the candle hole should be stacked on top.
  3. Paint the blocks with the color of your choice. We used white and gold and left some sides bare for a naturally gorgeous look.


Wooden geometric shapes, $27 for 19;

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