How's that for reception entertainment?
The Chainsmokers at wedding

What happens when you're friends with one of pop music's biggest duos? You get a wedding performance to remember! The Chainsmokers took to the stage at a wedding honoring two of their friends this past weekend and the private concert was everything guests could have hoped for and more.

According to TMZ, Andrew Taggart was a groomsman at a recent Philadelphia wedding, while his counterpart Alex Pall was a guest. Taggart and the groom went to college together, and the men have been close ever since. When it came time for the reception, The Chainsmokers decided to surprise the couple and everyone in attendance with an impromptu performance. With powerhouse band L.A. Starz providing the music and backup vocals, Taggart and Pall took to the stage to perform three huge hits: "Paris," "Closer," and "Something Just Like This."

EBE, who manages L.A. Stars, shared a video of the "Paris" performance on Facebook, and it was just as fun as you'd expect. The stage was filled with entertainers, and guests were clearly excited. The reception was held at Rittenhouse Hotel, and TMZ reports that there were roughly 200 guests present. That's not so shabby when you consider a typical Chainsmokers concert has thousands of attendees!

The Chainsmokers also posted about the event, sharing a photo captioned "Wedding Crashers" on Instagram. It looks as if they're all about love lately, having also re-shared their manager's engagement photo. "Congrats to these two," the dynamic pair wrote, alongside the image of Adam Alpert and his fiancée. Alpert also attended the wedding where Taggart and Pall performed.


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