Sprinkle, Paint, and Apply! 3 DIY Ideas to Make Simple Glasses into Glowing Wedding Centerpieces

Photo: Bryan Gardner

Put a personal stamp on your big-day table decor with these super-simple projects.

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Bryan Gardner

Clustered around a floral centerpiece or flanking a showstopping cake, these gussied-up containers enhance any scene. We relied on common adhesives—glue, stickers, and tape—as well as paint and glitter to make basic glasses stun.

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Geometric Glitter Centerpiece

Bryan Gardner

It looks complex to create a shimmering geometric design on a glass, but the motif comes together in just two simple steps.

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Painterly Brushstroke Centerpiece

Bryan Gardner

A simple, feathery swipe of metallic paint is all it takes to instantly dress up glass vessels.

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Stickered Accent Centerpiece

Bryan Gardner

Use different colors and styles of tape and stickers to put your own personal spin on this super-easy DIY project.

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