He also couldn't stop praising his future sister-in-law.

By Sarah Schreiber
December 15, 2017
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Engaged
Credit: Nick Jonas via Instagram

Nick Jonas couldn't be happier for his big brother, Joe Jonas, and his future sister-in-law, Sophie Turner. The Golden Globe nominee opened up about the couple's engagement, his family's reaction, and the upcoming bachelor party in an interview with Us Weekly.

Turns out, the "Home" singer knew that Joe was planning to propose. "I was in on the secret," he said. "I was on a photoshoot the day he proposed and I was stepping away every five minutes to see if they called yet because I knew it was happening." After learning that Turner had accepted the proposal, Nick-along with the rest of the Jonas clan-was overjoyed. "I'm thrilled," he continued. "She's an amazing person and I think I couldn't have asked for my brother to find a better partner and I'm so thrilled for him and for her and she's a beautiful new addition to our family."

Nick also joked about planning Joe's bachelor party, which he said is "going to be good." This won't be the first pre-wedding celebration for the happy couple, though. Shortly after announcing their engagement in October, the DNCE singer and Game of Thrones actress threw a formal dinner party in New York City. The couple's 30 guests-including Ashley Graham-toasted the couple all night long and took candid photos in a black-and-white evening. After dinner wrapped, a smaller group went out dancing.

Nick has previously offered well-wishes to his brother and future sister-in-law. Following the engagement party, he reposted a series of photo booth shots on Instagram, with a sweet caption. "Beautiful night celebrating beautiful people," he wrote, before adding the duo's prospective wedding hashtag, #JOPHIE.


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