How cute are these pictures?
Rob Thomas Marisol Thomas wedding
Credit: Rob Thomas via Instagram

Matchbox Twenty frontman Rob Thomas and his wife, Marisol, celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary yesterday. In honor of the special occasion, the singer shared a slideshow of adorable snaps from their wedding day in 1999. Talk about a throwback!

"On a day of so many sad endings I want to end it with one beautiful beginning," the Grammy winner captioned the post, referring to the devastating tragedy in Las Vegas and the loss of Tom Petty, one of his musical idols.

Though the couple has been married for almost two decades, Thomas says they try not to get caught up with milestones. "We pat ourselves on the back every anniversary," he told Entertainment Tonight last year, "but at the same time when we got married the idea was that we were going to be married as long as we're alive, so we don't want to make too big a deal out of it. We were always headed this way, so it's just about continuing that promise."

Thomas and his wife have been inseparable since they met in 1997, with Marisol even appearing in his music video for "Smooth" with Carlos Santana. The couple has stayed strong throughout trying times, including Marisol's long battle with Lyme disease, which inspired her husband's solo single "Her Diamonds." Marisol also sings on that track.


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