Your centerpieces may take center stage, but they're not the only pieces that accessorize your table. From the plates to the tablecloth, every element plays a part. And though it's easy to take napkins for granted, these simple linens are the first thing guests touch and the last item they use. Here, New York City event designer and Martha Stewart Weddings contributor David Stark demonstrates a new, unexpected napkin fold that will dress up any table with a clean and simple, yet elegantly modern feel.


  • Square fabric napkins (We chose two-toned napkins, but feel free to use whatever type works best with your event's theme and design.)
  • Hot iron
Step 1 - Fold Corners


1. Iron your napkin and place it flat on your work surface.

2. Bring each of the four corners to the center of the napkin. Don't worry if it is not exactly square (ours wasn't either!). If you align the top two borders, the fold will work.

Step 2 - Gently Flip

3. Gently flip the napkin over, being careful not to undo the previous folds.

Step 3 - Fold Inward

4. Fold the two opposite edges inward, meeting at the center and revealing the previous folds. Try to line up all of the folded lines as evenly as possible.

Step 4 - Napkin Tuck

5. Delicately tuck the bottom end under to create the final shape of the napkin fold.

6. Press the finished napkin fold with an iron to create crisp corners and seams.

Step 5 - Completed Napkin Fold

7. Finally, position each napkin on its designated place setting and enjoy!

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