Building your registry is, at heart, an act of imagination. Envision yourself in your future life and picture its moments, large and small: a weekend brunch, a family feast, a New Year's Eve fête. To get you started, we've set the table for four occasions, with everything from elevated essentials to glamorous party pieces. Dream on!
Credit: Sylvie Becquet

Let's Do Brunch

Think pink-and blue, copper, and whimsical prints-for a Sunday morning with friends (or just your new spouse). All of these pieces, anchored by cheery florals, can work well on their own or come together easily for mix-and-match charm.

The Details: "Scandinavian Floral" teacup and saucer, $31, and dinner plate, $45.50, "Happy 'O' Giftset" wine tumblers, $69 for 4, "Veritas" coupe, $69 for 2, "Ombre" napkin in nude, $25, "Shiny copper" flatware, $27 for a 3-piece setting, "Arabella" goblet in petal pink, $39, "Berry and Thread" cake stand, $98, Astier de Villatte "Grand Chalet" salad plate, $82,

Credit: Sylvie Becquet

The Details: Martha Stewart Collection "Bird" cupcake stand, $48 with dome, "Incanto White Baroque" dipping bowl, $33, Teacup and saucer in pink, $82, "Incanto White Stripe" teapot, $229, Teapot in pink, $185, "Scandinavian Floral" accent plates, $48.50 for 2, 15. Sugar pot, $21.25, and creamer, $16, "Exquisite" bread plate, $17, saucer, $15, and espresso plate, $13, "Belay" salad plate in pink, $6,

Credit: Sylvie Becquet

Home for the Holidays

Even a sunken soufflé will look impressive atop an elegant gold, emerald, and teal tableau accented with playful motifs (stars, pineapples, leaves, and blooms). This display is sure to capture guests' attention; that way you can hone those culinary skills-and host a happy gathering.

The Details: "Timeless Wide Gold" goblet, wineglass, and flute, $43 each, "Emerald" bread-and-butter plate, $39, soup plate, $54, dinner plate, $54, and charger, $135, Argent Orfèvres "Belvoir Gold" flatware, $75 for a 5-piece setting, "Whipstitch" napkin, $22, "Emerald" salad bowl, $281, "Gili" egg cup, $295, bread-and-butter and salad plates, $495 for a 5-piece setting,

Credit: Sylvie Becquet

The Details: Marchesa by Lenox "Shades of Teal" all-purpose bowl, $22, salad plate, $21, and dinner plate, $26, Charlotte Moss by Pickard China "Pineapple Motif" salad and dinner plates, $375 for a 5-piece setting, and charger, $150, Robert Haviland & C. Parlon "Jardin de Louise" teacup and saucer, $155, and salad plate, $115, Sauce boat, $154, "Linden" gold-leaf dishes, $115 each,

Credit: Sylvie Becquet

All in the Family

When you serve a casual supper on this bright blue and white dinnerware, loved ones will dig right in. Opt for oversize, durable platters and serving dishes in varying shapes to pull off an impromptu buffet.

The Details: "Belgian" knife, $45, and fork, $30, Porcel "Atlantico" bread-and-butter, salad, and dinner plates, $198 for a 5-piece setting, "Top Class" all-purpose and beverage glasses, each $40 for 6, Creative Women napkin, $16, "Imperial Blue" oval platter, $73.25, Dansk "Christianshavn Blue" covered butter dish, $43, Kate Spade New York "Charlotte Street" serving bowl, $75,

Credit: Sylvie Becquet

The Details: DKNY "Boerum" servers, $96 with salad bowl, "Convivio" ceramic tray, $57, Porcel "Atlantico" teacup and saucer, $198 for a 5-piece setting, Terrafirma bread tray, $114, Mikasa "Swirl Ombre" bowl and salad plate in blue, $40 for a 4-piece setting, "Abbesses" oblong plate in blue, $13,

Credit: Sylvie Becquet

Midnight Mingle

Martinis and caviar-the makings of a seriously special soirée-merit jet-black flatware and a touch of gold. Celebratory enough for a New Year's Eve affair, this stylish spread can also play it cool at an any-time-of-year cocktail hour.

The Details: Sieger by Furstenberg "My China! Ca' d'Oro" bread-and-butter plate, $108, Wedgwood "Arris" martini glass, $149 for 2, and tumbler, $125 for 2, "Reve Collection" salad plate, $65, and dinner plate, $70, Vera Wang for Wedgwood flatware in Polished Noir, $125 for a 4-piece setting, Fog linen napkin in Navy border, $16, Gold-leaf decanter, $45,

Credit: Sylvie bequet

The Details: Sieger by Furstenberg "My China! Ca' d'Oro" oval platter, $358, and bowl, $164, Waterford "Rebel" decanter in amber, $195, Medard De Noblat "Ombelles" soup bowl, $72, "Royal" glasses in smoke and amber, $140 each, "Orb" jigger in champagne gold, $10, "Madison 6" dessert plate, $510 for a 5-piece setting, Sieger by Furstenberg "My China! Ca' d'Oro" breakfast plate, $126, "Kira Kacharo" dinner plate, $143, Cru "Agape Under One Sun" salad plate, $140 for a 5-piece setting,


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