State Flower Escort Cards

We loved the way Minnesota bride Meghan Greenfield incorporated her state flower, the lady slipper orchid, into her bouquet. Extending that inspiration to the reception, our associate crafts editor, Erin Furey, illustrated the 50 nifty's official buds to correspond to each guest's hometown, and then featured them on framed prints that act as escort cards. For a not-too-large wedding, it serves as a gorgeous display, a lovely favor, and a sweet way to get everyone feeling right at home.

Photo: Bryan Gardner


  • State flower clip art
  • Color printer
  • Paper
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Frames
  • Picture ledges for display (optional)


  1. Download the state flower clip art.
  2. Print needed states.
  3. Trim prints to desired size.
  4. Individually frame the prints.
  5. Display the selection on ledges or in a manner of your choosing.


"Ribba" picture ledge, $10, and rectangular frames, from $2 each, Square frames, from $10 each,

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