32 Utterly Romantic Wedding-Day Kisses

couple confetti
Photo: N Barrett Photography

These sweet photos sum up what the big day is all about.

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couple confetti
N Barrett Photography

More than just a sweet big-day tradition, a newlywed couple's first kiss both symbolizes a spiritual bond and "seals the deal"—you're officially married. As for the second, third, and fourth kisses? Well, can you blame them for being overcome with affection at this momentous celebration? These small, authentic moments of love and adoration all deserve to be captured on camera. If you and your fiancé aren't big on public displays of affection, however, you might feel slightly nervous about your first married kiss—it's a common reality for many brides and grooms, since it's not often that your relationship is the center of attention (much less the reason for an entire event).

Before you let those butterflies get the best of you, remember that you should do what feels natural to you and your partner. If you aren't the showy-type, don't force any over-the-top gestures—that classic first-kiss dip isn't mandatory. After all, being uncomfortable doesn't usually make for awe-inspiring, emotional photos. Still nervous? It might help to have a plan in place if you're set on capturing this once-in-a-lifetime moment. Ahead of your big day, ask your wedding planner or photographer for some coaching (they've witnessed hundreds of wedding kisses, so they'll have invaluable insight). They'll likely suggest ways to play-up the moment with confetti (like this stunning shot of country singer Kasey Musgraves and her husband, Ruston Kelly) or sparklers. In the end, having guests focus on holding a small firework might take some of the attention off you, while simultaneously staging the photo you'll cherish forever.

Above all else, don't overthink it. Any photographer will tell you that actually enjoying your wedding day—and especially your first married kiss—often results in the best candid photos. Ahead, we've compiled our favorite first kisses exchanged by couples following their vows. Whether staged or completely candid, these newlyweds can't contain their joy—and it shows.

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Tuscan Sunset Send-Off

leila joel wedding couple kiss in car
Erich McVey

Before literally driving off into the Tuscan sunset, these newlyweds embraced through the sunroof of their getaway car, which their florist Le Petit Jardin had decorated with garland.

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Blue Smoke Snapshot

sanjay steven wedding grooms smoke bomb
Edward Winter / READYLUCK

Event designer Julie Guinta of Rye Workshop asked these grooms to kiss under blue smoke bombs that matched their traditional Indian attire.

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Vintage Record Store

vasthy mason wedding couple affection music shop
Emma Mead

The smile on this bride's face when her groom kissed her in Rhino Records, the vintage locale that served as their portrait backdrop, spoke to the emotions they felt on their big day.

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Candid Farm Shoot

allison aimee wedding kiss in field
Lucky Malone Photography

This sweet couple paused their tour of Lone Hawk Farm's grassy meadow to share this picturesque embrace and kiss.

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Puppy Portraits

catherine john micro wedding couple dogs perry vaile
Perry Vaile

These two puckered up with puppies in hand—they couldn't resist sharing their portrait session with their fluffy friends.

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Ear-to-Ear Smile

wedding bride groom pose outside with bouquet
Hannah Bjorndal

A peck on the head left this bride smiling ear-to-ear while posing for wedding portraits.

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Destination Wedding

daphne jack wedding spain couple kissing
Kyle John Photography

This couple shared a kiss in the same destination they traveled when they first started dating: the hills of Southern Spain.

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Cocktail Hour

ramsey charles ireland wedding champagne tower
Abby Jiu Photography

The cocktail hour portion of this wedding kicked off with the bride giving the groom a sweet peck on the cheek.

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Personal Vows

emily siddartha wedding ceremony kiss
Jesse Leake

After exchanging personal vows during their combined Hindu, Jewish, and non-denominational ceremony, these newlyweds officiated their matrimony with a kiss.

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Scenic Locale

wedding couple reception love seat greenery back wall
Voir Pictures

Surrounded by lush greenery and an array of pastel-colored florals by Suryo Decor, this groom took a private, magical moment to kiss his bride.

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First Look Kiss

Roey Yohai Photography

Overwhelmed with emotion, this duo's first wedding-day kiss happened during their first look.

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Luxury Tent Location

zai phil camping wedding couple tents kiss
Kindred Wedding Storytellers

This couple shared a private moment between their guest's luxury Shelter Co. tents.

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Music-Filled Moment

kelly kelsey wedding brides during processional
Anna Delores Photography

During the recessional, this bride celebrated her newlywed status by kissing her wife's hand; "Show Me Love" by Big Wild played in the background, which made the moment that much more meaningful.

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Sweetheart Table

porsha terry wedding jamaica bride groom reception kiss black white
Jillian Mitchell Photography

This duo embraced at their table-for-two. Being slightly separated from their 140 guests allowed them to talk, laugh, and kiss freely.

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Picturesque Floral Arch

chloe shayo south africa wedding first kiss couple
Rensche Mari

Once the officiant declared, "You may now kiss the bride," this couple lovingly embraced under a romantic floral arch by Splendid Wedding Company.

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Scenic Mountains

caitlin amit indian wedding bride and groom
Sally Pinera

While enjoying their wedding's scenic mountain backdrop, this groom gently kissed his bride's head.

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Grand Gesture

taylor cameron wedding ceremony kiss
Heather Payne Photography

This groom had been planning to romantically dip his bride for their first kiss as husband and wife since the moment he proposed.

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Rustic-Styled Shoot

amanda chase wedding couple kissing on tire swing
Anna Delores Photography

After their first look, this couple strolled around their ranch venue's property for their playful, kiss-filled portraits.

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Sparkler Send-Off

joe tim new orleans wedding sparkler send off couple kiss
Marquez Fotos

Guests treated these newlyweds to a sparkler send-off. The couple paused for a kiss before heading to the after-party.

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Rose Petal Confetti

eric eryc wedding kiss confetti
Wilde Scout

During their first embrace as husbands, guests showered these grooms with rose petals.

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Group Shot

leah michael wedding group photo couple kiss
Gui of Weddings by Nato

This bride and groom kissed in front of all their guests for this planned portrait. The goal of the photo was to capture each attendee's candid love for the couple.

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Floral Wooded Alter

cara chamique wedding ceremony kiss
Mecca Gamble

During their romantic ceremony, these newlyweds embraced under a wooded altar decorated with florals by Cue the Champagne.

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Romantic Rainy Day

Elizabeth Messina Photography

This bride and groom enjoyed numerous kisses on their romantic, rainy wedding day. The couple even got ready together, so they could kiss whenever they wished.

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Pinky Promise

Sincerely Liz

After exchanging self-penned vows and following up with a pinky swear kiss, this couple embraced to signify their special promise to each other.

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Giddy and Affectionate

Natalie Neal

Before heading to the reception, this groom happily laid one on his beautiful bride's cheek.

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Swept Away

Jose Villa

This groom swept his bride into his arms before kissing her in the doorway of their inn venue.

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Vietnamese Riverside

Aaron Delesie

Before cruising off to the Vietnamese riverside on a vintage motorbike, this couple shared a quick peck.

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Lake Como Villa

Aaron Delesie

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's first kiss as man and wife was so romantic, the pair wasn't even distracted by the villa's astounding view of Lake Como.

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Crowned Kiss

Taylor Lord

This couple donned fun cut-out crowns by Bird Dog Wedding as they stole a kiss in between courses at their wedding reception.

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Getaway Car

Francesco Lagneses

This bride stopped the getaway car to plant a big one on her new husband in front of a fountain on Rome's Gianicolo Hill.

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Cliff-Side Keepsake

David Newkirk

One photo capturing this romantic cliff-side kiss became this couple's ultimate wedding keepsake.

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