Ahead of the couple's first anniversary, their cake baker, Claire Ptak, just opened up about the close call.
claire ptak posing with the royal wedding cake
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Nearly a year after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tied the knot, we are learing more about the details of the royal wedding-including how their wedding cake was almost ruined. Claire Ptak, the couple's baker, opened up to Town & Country about the dessert mishap and what she did to fix it.

In order to feed the event's 750 guests, several tiers were made and cut prior to serving. However, there was a miscommunication when it came to how the slices were stored. "The ones that we cut were nice and cold, and then they're meant to stay out at room temperature until they're served so they go lovely and soft," she told the outlet. "But there was a miscommunication, and they were all put back into the fridge. I had been elsewhere looking at the flowers and came back down and saw that they were all in the fridge and I so I freaked out."

Royal Wedding Cake
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Luckily, the crew managed to reheat the cake just in time. "They had a special heating area so we were able to put it in a really warm spot and, in the end, they were perfect," she said. "But there was a panic. It didn't seem like a big deal to anyone else but to me, if they had to bite into a cold cake, I would have been mortified."

Another new big-day tidbit? According to the baker, the cake on display-pictured above-was never actually consumed by the wedding guests. Instead, it was donated to charity the next day. Ptak, however, can take pride in the knowing that the event's celebrity attendees enjoyed the dessert's aesthetics and flavor. "We put the last few petals on the cake and Isaac, my head pastry chef, and I just stepped back and looked at it. There were a few footmen around and they gave us this nod of 'well done' and I think we both looked at it and were like 'Oh my God, we did, this is so amazing,'" she said. "To know that Oprah and the Queen ate our cake was pretty exciting."


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