Iron-On Fabric Wedding Table Numbers

Like Madeline Trait, the designer behind By Madeline Trait and creator of this craft, we love the idea of bringing soft elements into your big day. For these DIY reception table markers, fabric gets a quick iron-on treatment before being framed in a vintagey embroidery hoop. You can even bring the theme full circle by applying this method to other celebration signage.

Photo: Madeline Trait


  • Embroidery hoop in the size(s) of your choice
  • Computer with Word, Illustrator, or a similar program
  • Inkjet transfer paper
  • Scissors
  • Lightweight fabric
Madeline Trait


1. First measure your hoop to determine the height and width of numbers or letters you will make; aim for approximately an inch smaller than the hoop's diameter. (For a 6-inch hoop, your number will be no more than 5 inches tall and no more than 5 inches wide.)

2. Use a program like Word or Illustrator to lay out your numbers. Remember to reverse your numbers to a mirror image so that when you iron it on your fabric, it will read correctly. Print the numbers onto your transfer paper and cut out each number.

Madeline Trait

3. Cut a square of lightweight fabric that is about 2 inches larger than your embroidery hoop. For a 6-inch hoop, cut an 8-inch square.

4. Iron on your number in the center of the square.

Madeline Trait

5. When the number has transferred, place the fabric on your embroidery hoop and cut away the excess fabric.

Madeline Trait

6. If you want to experiment, you could even go further and add some unique design elements to your numbers or iron them on a patterned fabric.

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